Why consider self-funding?

Essentially, the problem with our healthcare system is that logical market economics don’t exist because of the presence of third-party payers, holding their own interests above everything else. For example, do you know what quality and cost measures are available to you when, if heaven forbid, you needed to find the right heart doctor or come down with cancer and need to search for the best care-clinics around? How about even more benign problems? Also, how do we compare the cost of it all? 

We’ve been tricked into choosing providers based on our friends’ suggestions or the bedside personality of doctors or pure marketing because insurance providers don’t provide us with anything else. That’s because there’s a supply-chain of medical costs that nobody along the way has any invested interest to control… That is, until you pay your premiums as an employer like a slave to it all, still with no real idea of those answers.

With self-funding, you’re given the ability to take control back from the insurance company. Bring logic back to the procurement of your healthcare providers and stop wasting money on unnecessary or excessive costs. While self-funding is not for everyone, dismissing it altogether without fair consideration would be foolish.

Through the implementation of our simple, 3-step process, you’ll realize extra EBITDA of hundreds of thousands of dollars.