Estimated Cost Calculator-

  • Wondering how much a healthcare visit, test or surgical procedure might cost?

Visit the Fair Health Consumer Link

“Fair Health is an independent non-profit organization that collects data for and manages the nation’s largest database of privately billed health insurance claims”, according to their website.

Committed to empowering consumers, their website offers various data products, tools and educational information that makes health care more transparent and easier to navigate through. Most notably is the Fair Health Consumer estimated cost calculator. Anyone wondering about the cost of a medical service before a claim has been processed is typically out-of-luck. Now, with the help of Fair Health Consumer’s cost calculator, estimated medical and dental costs can be reasonably estimated ahead of time. If you’ve heard our menu-without-prices analogy before, this tool is the closest thing you’ll get to finding a price before the meal is served!

Note: For any medical test, procedure and/or services performed. Ask your provider for the CPT(Current Procedural Terminology) codes being used. Give them to us and we'll show you what an appropriate price should be. 


Hospital Transparency-

  • For even more transparency, turn to the American Hospital Directory providing data, statistics, and analytics on more than 7,000 hospitals nationwide. 
  • Talk to us and we'll teach you how to grade hospitals based on analytical measures that actually grade the quality and cost of care. We can even break it down based on medical condition(cardiology, neurology, orthopedics, etc). (Save big on Rx Costs)-

  • Need help paying for expensive prescriptions? Needy Meds might be the resource for you.

“NeedyMeds is a national non-profit organization that maintains a website of free information on programs that help people who can’t afford medications and other healthcare costs”. They provide direct assistance and facilitate programs that help consumers like yourself. For financial assistance on expensive prescriptions, follow this short step-by-step guide:

1) Go to and find the drug search box to the left of the screen

2) Type in the name of the drug your looking for financial assistance on

3) Search and scroll down to find the official prescription name and dosing type

4) See and Click the icons that appear, representing the different savings modes

5) ‘Prescription Assistance Programs’ and ‘Coupons, Rebates and More’ icons are the applicable ones. Clicking either one of these will bring you to the list of cost savings programs available.

  • Also available is a free drug discount card (small fee charged for every utilized service) and pharmacy comparison Rx tool, among other time and valuable cost-saving information.


Preventive Benefit (ways to save with free preventive measures)-

The United States Preventive Task Force is an independent panel of medical experts in the prevention of disease and evidence-based medicine. Their recommendations on the need for clinical services is broken down into letter grades. All A and B graded services are free for people with ACA-compliant plans.


Surprise Medical Bills- 

Quite often, people come across something called ‘Surprise Medical Bills’. Essentially, these bills are directly administered by the provider or claims processor to you, instead of first through your insurance company. Reason being, the providers involved are out-of-network only, meaning they don’t accept the reimbursement terms of your insurance plan. This means you could be balanced billed, owing the remaining reimbursement your insurance company doesn’t agree to with the medical provider or worse, be charged the entirety of the provider bill. If you find yourself in this situation, as many people have including myself, DO NOT PAY IT!

As of September 1st in New Jersey, this practice has been legislatively addressed.

Here’s the result: Any out-of-network provider who performs service at an in-network facility must:

1) Inform the Patient Ahead of Service OR

2) Accept the state-mandated in-network reimbursement fee and the patient owes what the Summary of Benefits state for the type of service rendered